14 November 2003

Check Matt and John's Rephlex experiences. I had intended to go to the Bristol date, but my wife decided to go into premature labour (just after my last post), which kinda put paid to that idea.

Gutterbreakz has gone a bit shit recently. You know it, I know it. I've just got too much other grown-up stuff going on at the moment, sucking away at my energies. Not least getting acquainted with my new son, James. This blog was always supposed to be an amateur endeavour, but if it's not even vaguely interesting or at least humorous, then really what's the point? The only solution at present is to maintain a dignified silence. Gutterbreakz is now on hiatus for an unspecified period. Hopefully I'll be back for an end of year roundup, which will probably just be me banging on about what a great year Warp have had. There may also be a moving tribute to my late father on 8th December, but then again....?

Love to all my bloggaz, keep up the good work- your culture needs you. Special thanks to Somedisco for poo-pooing my theory that electronica is a spent force. Enjoy the extended drinking session my friend and keep those News items coming.